Living in Schaumburg IL | 9 Things to do in Schaumburg!

Things to do in Schaumburg Illinois

Schaumburg Illinois is located 30 minutes northwest of Chicago Illinois.

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Find out my favorite Things to do in Schaumburg Illinois.  Here are 8 things to do in Schaumburg, now this isn’t the city of Chicago so there’s not as many options but for a suburb there’s quite a bit to do!

#1 Shop! Obviously everybody knows Woodfield but it’s not just wood field there are stores all over you’ve got Costco IKEA Whole Foods tons of grocery stores the options are limitless. Now I personally don’t go to Woodfield a lot because I don’t like the crowded atmosphere but a lot of people do and you have the Apple Store there which is great, so number one is shop! 

#2 Dine out. 

People come from all over to dine out in Schaumburg. You have all the major steak houses, Capital Grille, Chicago prime, wildfire and a whole bunch of mom-and-pop places. There is also excellent Asian food, polish restaurants, Indian food, Greek, Italian….you’ve got it all. I like to eat! So this is definitely one of favorite Things to do in Schaumburg Illinois

#3 Hike/Bike

Spring Valley Nature Center is a great place to go it’s family friendly you can’t bring your dog but that’s ok, you got Busse Woods right on one end at Schaumburg and you got Poplar Creek Woods on the other. Both are dog-friendly and both offering miles and miles of hiking and biking so even though you’re in a concrete jungle like Schaumburg, you still got nature all over

#4  Chicago Improv

Woodfield Mall has a comedy club called Chicago Improv and it draws pretty big acts from all over the United States. This comedy club has become very popular especially when they draw bigger acts so that’s a pretty cool thing to have here in town. You can go get dinner, see a show go out and have a few drinks afterwards. 

#5 Nightlife

Nightlife there’s a lot of bars and clubs all over town if you’re just looking to go out with friends there are many options. I suggest going to Yelp or just search on Google. Now that I’m a little older I don’t hit the nightlife as much as I used to!😂 But if I need to go meet buddies out, there are many different options. 

#6 Schaumburg Boomers

Schaumburg has its own minor-league team, the stadium is kind of a mini replica of Wrigley Field there’s fireworks after games, there’s kids activities. The Schaumburg Bommers have great food and drink and the great thing is the tickets are cheap!

#7 Medieval Times

If you have kids, the kids love Medieval Times. Personally my wife and I probably wouldn’t pick this to go for a date night but I know many people do. We’ve brought our kids there many times throughout the years, cool entertainment it’s always a lot of fun. People come from all over it’s a very popular destination for tourists and people that live around here.

#8  Schaumburg dog park 

Schaumburg Dog Park

My dogs loves it! We go there and just hang out for an hour a couple times a week. The yearly rates are very reasonable, the dogs love it and it’s a huge park. There’s a lake the dogs can swim in and I’m finding myself going there more and more. I walk around and get some exercise while the dogs get to run around and tire out for the day. There are a lot of nice people, they’re all dog lovers!

so my favorite Things to do in Schaumburg Illinois is golf!

Schaumburg just got Top Golf in town, it just opened and I heard it’s doing really well. The village of Schaumburg also has its own golf course, a 27 hole course on Roselle and South of Higgins. It’s a beautiful course, they just redid a bunch of the holes and it’s pretty challenging and great things you can just play nine or you could play 18 because it’s divided up so the pace of play is really good and for a Municipal Golf Course it is really nice, it’s one of the nicer ones I think in the suburbs. Also, there’s a nine-hole course called walnut greens which is on the West side of town. It’s a fun place to bring your kids to learn how to golf or if you’re just looking to go out and work on your short game it’s actually really challenging I’ve lost more balls there than probably the real golf course so that’s it! That was nine things to do in Schaumburg! 

I think there are lots things to do in Schaumburg Illinois! There’s more to do in Schaumburg than all the towns around the area, so if want to avoid driving down to the city or heading down to Naperville come out to Schaumburg.

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