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How To Sell My House Without Realtor

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Why would a real estate agent break down how to sell your house for top dollar?  Why not!  I like helping people!

Fees when selling a home in Illinois

How To Sell My House Without Realtor

Sell your house without a Realtor will save you about 5-6 percent if you go this route.  I did a previous video where I broke down the fees when selling with a Realtor in Illinois.  It’s usually 8-10 percent total.

So the first thing you need to do to do is clean and clean some more.   

People don’t like clutter.  Throw out or pack up what you don’t need.  Use your garage to store boxes if you can. 

Pay extra attention to kitchens and bathrooms.  If you need to, hire a cleaning company…go online and find a reputable one in your area.

If you have pets or teenage kids…make sure there are no foul orders anywhere.  Vacuum and use odor removing products to make the house look..and smell fresh.

For the outside of your home, do a walk around look for anything that could be a bad eye sore to a potential buyer.  Cut the lawn, string trim and wash those windows.  If your yard has a ton of weeds…figure out a way to get rid of them before listing.

Many homes in the Chicago area develop mildew on the north side of the home from lack of sunlight.  This is another eye sore to potential buyers.  Buy a spray on product at your local hardware store and spray it and let it go to work.  

Now that your house is ready to go, you’ll want to line up a good real estate attorney. 

Talk to them and tell them your plan.  They can provide you with the necessary contracts and disclosures too.  

Now that your home is all cleaned up, and you have a real estate attorney ready to go it’s time to figure our what you should list your home at.   This is where most home owners go wrong when trying to sell by owner. 

You need to price competitively. 

Go to any of the home sites and look in your area and go back 3-6 months and look at similar sized homes and see what the sold for.  In a crazy market like right now in spring of 2021…go back 2-3 months only.  Pay extra attention to updates on the home.  If the identical home to your sold for 350 thousand but has been completely updated and your house hasn’t been touched since 1972…don’t price your home at 360K.    If you are stuck here, feel free to contact me or any local realtor and they should be more than happy to give you an approximate starting point on your homes value.  

So your home is clean, you have an attorney lined up and you know what your price is going to be. 

It’s time to advertise! 

You will want professional pictures taken.   Find a good real estate photographer.  Look below and I’ll leave a link to who I use in the chicago area.  If you really want to highlight your home you need a professional photographer…if you want to highlight your yard and your location consider paying a little extra for drone photos and a video tour.  This will really draw attention to your listing.

Next, you’ll need to get your home out on the internet to advertise.  Zillow and For sale by owner.com offer ways to sell your home without a realtor.   Also, advertise your home to local Facebook groups, craigslist and tell your neighbors and friends your home is for sale.   In a market like this, once your listing starts getting attention you can expect a lot of activity.   This is where having a realtor…like me…to be there to handle all this.  But if your up to the task, go for it.

Once your listing is out on the internet you can also expect calls from Realtors. 

They may have buyers, or they may want to list your home.  Some for sale by owners don’t want to deal with realtors at all.  I suggest working with them and offering 2.5% commission or a flat fee.  This will open up your buyers pool a lot and help you sell your house faster and easier.    If you don’t want to work with realtors because you want to maximize your profit and think you can find a buyer who doesn’t have a realtor by all means go for it.   You can always change your mind down the road if your not getting the buyer activity or offers you were expecting.

One thing I do suggest is getting a temporary phone number wither with a burner phone or setting up google voice or something similar.  There are many good reasons for this but I wouldn’t want my personal phone number out there for people to call.

So moving on..  

By now you should be getting calls about your home.  People will call morning, day and night.  They will ask to see your home when it’s convenient to them…not for you!  So you will need to flexible.  You can hold open houses and advertise by putting signs around your neighborhood.   Since you are representing yourself, you will want to be home for all these showings.  You should also limit the number of people that come in at once time…especially if they are without a realtor.

Hide valuables and make yourself accessible to answer all the questions that potential home buyers have.  You’ll be surprised at what home owners will ask!

If you priced your home right, advertised right you could get an offer at anytime.  If you allowed buyers to have agents they will write up a 7.0 contract.  

Whether or not your are allowing Real Estate agents you will want to make sure your buyers are Pre-Approved…not pre-qualified from a reputable lender.

They more they are putting down the better and you can choose if you want to allow FHA or VA loans.  Many home buyers in the 2021 market are putting a lot of cash down, waiving mortgage contingencies, inspections and even appraisal contingencies.  We could really deep dive into these topics but this is for another video down the line.  You should also pay attention to home much earnest money is being put down…it’s usually 1-5% and the funds can be held by your attorney in escrow.  

You will need to fill out Radon and disclosures about your property too.  Illinois law requires you, as a home seller, to tell a prospective buyer, in writing, about any material defects you actually know about. This means anything you’re aware of that affects the value, healthfulness, and safety of your property.

This could include things like past flooding and flood risk, unsafe conditions, municipal code violations, environmental issues, boundary line disputes, and defects in specified structures, components, and systems.

You must make these disclosures prior to signing the sales contract, on a standard form that’s discussed below. The disclosure is not meant to serve as a warranty or substitute for inspections, but to put the buyer on an equal footing with you during contract negotiations.  

If you like the offer and you have agreed then both parties will need to sign all the paperwork and send it off to your lawyers for review.  During this time you are now in the attorney and inspection review period.

The attorneys may make some small changes and the closing date will be finalized based off of the lenders ability to get the loan finished in time.

The buyers will probably now schedule a home inspection and radon inspection. They may request a pest inspection too.  The buyers are the ones who pay for these inspections. 

The buyers usually accompany the inspector and since you are working without a Realtor you should be home during this process.  If you allowed the buyers to have a Realtor then they will come with their buyers and you do not have to be present if you choose so.

After all the inspection reports come back there could be more negotiations based off the findings, the buyers could kill the deal and get their earnest money back or everything moves along without any further actions.  Surprisingly a lot of homes do have higher than normal radon levels so don’t be surprised if your home does too. Typical radon mitigation usually costs 1 to 3 thousand dollars depending on the type of home you have.

After the inspection and attorney review period is oner the next hurdle is the buyers getting the mortgage to purchase the home.

When I’m working with clients I try to keep weekly checkins with the lender to make certain everything is moving along at the right pace.

Now not to freak you out…but the lending can fall through even at the last minute.  It’s possible the buyers possible didn’t have their finances in line and they numbers weren’t going to work for the lender.  If you agreed to a mortgage contingency then the buyers get their money back and your are back to listing your home again to start this fun process all over again.  This does happen.

But let’s say things are moving along just fine.  You should be packing up and planning your move at this point in hoping everything goes smooth on the buyers end so you can be moved out by closing.

During this time your attorney will be responsible for making sure your home has a clean title which you will pay for which can cost 2-4K.   You will also be responsible for back taxes for the time you lived in the house during the past year and second half of the previous year if you hadn’t paid your property tax bill yet.  

So if everything goes good on the lender side then your almost at the finish line.  Hopefully there has been dialogue between all parties during this process and there are no surpises.  The buyers will want to schedule a final walkthrough a day or two before closing to make sure everything that was suppose to stay is still in the house and they house is still in the same shape as when they agreed to purchase.

Lastly, your lawyer should have scheduled the closing at a local title company.  You will meet them there to sign off all the paperwork and hand over the keys and hopefully collect your proceeds!

That concludes an overview of how to sell your house without realtor Illinos.  Obviously there are details and steps but this is a good start.  If you have more questions on this process please feel free to reach out!

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Dan helps Dave with his Schaumburg Home!

Dave from Schaumburg talks about his experience with us.

Dave resides in Schaumburg Illinois and he wanted to move by family in Tennessee. Unfortunately he was a bit behind on his mortgage and his home needed some work. It’s a nice house but if we were to list it on MLS it would not sell for enough money. We came up with a solution so Dave could move and start a new life. Things were a bit tricky but I think the situation worked out ok for all!

– Dave

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Angel and Charles Video Testimonial

Angel and Charles needed to move from San Francisco to the Chicago area for new jobs. The market was absolutely crazy. I was showing them homes virtually and we were losing out in bidding wars. I’m always looking for off market homes to try to help home owners and Frank from Hoffman Estates reached out to me. He wanted to sell his house preferably off market. I originally thought I was going to buy the home and fix and flip or keep it as rental but when I looked at it I thought Angel and Charles would love it. They did and it was a win-win for everyone!

– Angel and Charles

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