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Oak Brook IL things to do and see

Oak Brook IL Things to do and a Video Tour!

Do you wonder what living in Oak Brook Illinois looks like?

You may be surprised at what you see! Known for large homes, scenic lots and Oak Brook Mall…Oak Brook Illinois has a lot to offer in a small suburb that’s not far from downtown Chicago. There is also so many things to do in Oak Brook IL!

In this video, I take a small tour of the southern part of Oak Brook Illinois highlighting Fullersburg Woods, Salt Creek, The Graue Mill and several subdivision located south of Oak Brook Rd. and east of route of 83. I also highlight Christ Church and Sam Dean Nature preserve off of York Road along with the Oak Brook Golf Course. I use a DJI Mavic drone highlight the large custom homes and how wooded this part of Oak Brook IL is. Oak Brook IL is conveniently located right off I-294 and I-88 and is a quick drive to both O’Hare and Midway airport. 

Living in Oak Brook Illinois also offers lower property taxes than other higher end suburbs but still has top rated schools along with highly trained and recognized Fire and Police department. If your interested in buying or selling in the Oak Brook IL area please contact me by clicking on my website below! I also work with Real Estate investors all across the Chicagoland area. Thanks for checking out my video.

Village of Oak Brook 

Fullersburg woods…

Graue Mill 

Christ Church

Oak Brook Mall

About Oak Brook…

Oak Brook Illinois
Oak Brook Illinois


Oak Brook IL Things To Do And See

Hey it’s Dan i’m in Oak Brook Illinois on the southern tip  it’s hot out and i’m gonna do a little video tour.  Oak Brook illinois has really large beautiful homes it’s in a great location right off of 294 and 88.

There is a lot of scenic nature on the south end of town which is where we’re at right now we’re right off of York road near ogden literally two minutes from 294 so stay tuned i think you’ll be surprised what you see.

We are starting off here at the Graue mill, the Graue mill has been here since the middle of the 1800s. It’s a historical site now and there are activities here year round when Covid is not in full effect. There are a lot of family activities and festivals. We’re right next to salt creek which runs into Fullersburg which we’ll go check out on our way up north.

Salt creek is here on the right and a lot of people go in and fish and kayak.

Within this area there are houses tucked away and there’s a few gated subdivisions and as you can tell it’s very wooded hence the name oak brook. I’ll shoot off on some of these side streets where there is a lot of hidden driveways and a lot of these homes are on at least an acre.

This is kind of a common type of home you’ll see back in this area and there are some older homes with some ranches that need to be probably could be torn down and there’s  several vacant lots available as well. Next is Fullersburg woods this is popular for people all over people all over the  northern Illinois come by here i think this is one of the cool perks of living in oak brook is that no matter where you live you can get here within less than 10 minutes. If your looking for oak brook il things to do then Fullersburg woods should be high on your list!

People do walk their dogs here quite a bit. The trails are crushed limestone and there’s a nice visitor center. They have a lot of field trips for kids and i think Fullersburg could probably get its own little video blog tour. So maybe i’ll do that next. Let’s continue on! We’ll head back out on Spring Road and i’m gonna take you by some very nice gated communities and some other older established neighborhoods. but still very nice large homes there’s some older but large homes tucked away here on our right office spring that one’s normal we have empty lots here for sale and you’ll see a lot of people biking and hiking back spring road here they’ve got the bike trails and we’re gonna go left visit this last subdivision still got part of fullersburg again another really wooded private street homes tucked away private drives i’ll pull up a map and show where we’re at and i’ll also let’s get down to 35th street. I’ll also show some homes that are for sale back here and some examples of what you’re looking at as far as available Real Estate. At the end of 35th there’s a gated subdivision that’s still being developed it’s been fairly vacant for quite a while it’s called Templeton Reserve and it’s gated i don’t really know how many homes are back here but I got a drone so let’s take a closer look. Templeton Reserve looks like there’s only two houses built as of right now and i didn’t see any cars out but I don’t know if they’re occupied or a model home but you can see a very scenic landscape there is some road noise from route 83 that’s we saw running back north to south. The noise is not too bad but if you bought one of the lots closer to 83 you might hear some road noise even in the house so let’s continue on! There’s two more gated subdivisions I won’t be able to get into them I have been back there several times. Breckenridge Farms which has very large homes and there’s a few homes back there over 20,000 square feet and again very private, very spaced out and very wooded.  Let’s take a look… maybe i can get the drone up in the air and we can take a look at some of those homes.

Now we’re off Adams street and it might be hard for me to get good footage of these two subdivisions deer path and Breckenridge but i’m going to try i’m going to launch up you’ll see large spaced out homes but you’ll be able to tell from the drone footage what kind of what kind of homes and what kind of lots these state style homes all have so let’s get up in there and see what we can see.

—-Drone launch—

Now we’re pulling back out onto 31st street which runs all the way through Oak Brook IL. We got village hall and the Library right here on our left and we’re going to come up on Christ Church which has been recently expanded on redesigned and it’s a very popular church for many people in the area and I think it’s worth maybe  launching the drone again. We’ll be able to check out the church and some of the large custom homes to the east of it to see how large the parking lot is now this is all recently expanded and i’m gonna stop the video and let’s let’s launch the drone and see an overhead view of this whole area.

—-Drone launch—

Now we are pulling back onto York road going south to where we started. We’ve got some homes here on the left and vacant lots that have been for sale for a while. In the drone footage you probably saw we’ve got the large custom homes to our left. There’s another old property for sale that will be torn down and we have a new construction house here on the left. It’s probably already been purchased so one of our last stops here is going to be on Canterbury lane. Again there are nice custom homes and many are gated and at the end there’s a little park a lot of people ride bikes down here it’s the Dean Forest reserve. You can see another private street large custom homes there’s a lot of land in this house here beautiful property…very private and there’s a lake back there not a lot of homes on this  little stretch but some do pop up for sale. Here’s the dean forest reserve and there’s a bike trail. Maybe we’ll do a little drone footage back here.

—Drone launch—

That concludes our video blog tour of the south section of Oak Brook Illinois as you can see from the videos there are very large beautiful homes with scenic landscaping, mature trees. You’ve got some outdoor stuff to do down south with the forest preserve and hiking trails. What makes Oakbrook a good place to live is obviously the homes, you’re not going to find too many homes like this around in this section of the western suburbs with the sprawling landscape and the size of the lot and homes. Another great thing is the property taxes are low so you can afford more home here compared to up north in elmhurst or south in Hinsdale. Those are both great communities as well and I would have no problems finding somebody a home there compared to oak brook. If you travel a lot, Oakbrook is very convenient…it’s right between midway and o’hare so it’s about 30 minutes to each airport. You’re also really close to downtown um well you’re not really close but you’re got you have easy access to the highway. Interstate I-88 and I-294 surrounds the community and 83 runs north of south on the west end. If you’re looking to relocate to this area or buy a house in Oakbrook, Elmhurst or the Hinsdale area any of these surrounding communities I have worked in oak brook for over 15 years so i know every subdivision, I know the commercial district inside and out, i can really help guide you find a perfect home.

I hope you enjoyed the video, there will be more Oakbrook videos too. I enjoy doing this in this area since i know it so well and hopefully i can provide some value…. click if you want to get a hold of me all my contact information is here so you can visit my website and click around a bit to learn a little bit more about me. So thanks for watching, subscribe if you’d like and like the video too i would appreciate it thanks bye.

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