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I have been an Oak Brook Firefighter and Paramedic  since 2005. I’ve also been involved in Real Estate for the since 2015. I live in Schaumburg and love being a Realtor in Schaumburg IL. I’ve been interested in Real Estate for as long as I can remember, and this career move seemed like a natural progression. Firefighters have unique skill sets such as honesty, integrity, problem solving skills and the ability to communicate effectively in all kinds of different situations. These skills seem very fitting for a Real Estate Broker as well! I’ve been trusted to come into peoples homes in their worst moments, but as a Realtor I want to help home owners with one of their biggest assets and make it a great moment. This is WHY I am in Real Estate…it’s one of the most important and largest purchases people make in their life. I want to be there to help make it easy as possible. So let me be your Realtor Schaumburg IL!

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I know the Village of Schaumburg extremely well, having lived, shopped, dined out and explored the entire Village for 20 years. There are many things that make the Schaumburg area a great place to live no matter if you are an empty nester, starting a family or just looking for yourself. The schools in Schaumburg are excellent and I have utilized them in all kinds of ways to help our boys through some difficult times. I’m proud to call Schaumburg my home and I would love to be Realtor Schaumburg IL!

Cons of living in Schaumburg IL?  Let’s take a look!

Pros and Cons of living in Schaumburg IL

Things you might not know about schaumburg

Do you live or are thinking of moving to schaumburg?  Stick around to hear about a few things you may not know about Schaumburg Illinois.


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So here are some facts and history about Schaumburg Illinois

  • the first inhabitants of the area were Native American tribes. By the mid-nineteenth century, settlers first began to arrive from Germany and the eastern United States.    The first settlers were German and started coming to the area in 1835.  Schaumburg Township remained almost exclusively under German ownership until the depression of the 1930s. The Depression caused the foreclosure on some German-owned farms which were then purchased by non-German individuals and companies. But German heritage remained important in the area. German was the first language of the majority of households until the 1950s.
  • Schaumburg Township continued to grow and was a thriving during its early days. The area’s main occupation was farming, with potato growing, dairy products and raising cattle as main sources of income. The land was a very large meadow surrounded by extensive wilderness.   In 1858, a small market area emerged at what is now the intersection of Schaumburg and Roselle roads. Schaumburg Center was the market center for the surrounding agricultural producers. It included two general stores, four cheese factories, a tailor, a wagon maker, and a blacksmith.
  • In 1900, a 50-year anniversary brochure reported the following account: “Schaumburg has the reputation of being the model community of Cook County. Also, the town of Schaumburg is an example of a community for all other towns in Cook County and probably in other counties, too. Schaumburg is prompt in the payment of its taxes; it supports churches and schools; it has also the best roads in the land and – Schaumburg has never had a jail. Finally, it is not just for the settlers only, but also for foreigners.”
  • Schaumburg’s relative isolation from the rest of the area went away as the automobile became the primary type of travel. The construction of O’Hare International Airport near Rosemont in 1955 and the construction of the Northwest Tollway through the farmlands in 1956 and the presence of a technical and business workforce at the Pure Oil Company in Schaumburg set the stage for large suburban growth. In response to development pressures, the area encompassing what was known as Schaumburg Centre was incorporated in 1956. At the time of incorporation, the village consisted of two square miles and a population of 130 residents.
  • Incorporation enabled the village to control its growth and development. Early village leaders are credited with the foresight and planning that has made later economic growth possible. The original plan adopted by the Village Board in 1961 reserved large tracts of land for industrial, commercial, and office development.  This was mostly near the Woodfield area surrounding what is now Woodfield Mall. Growth in these areas has made the village a major employer in the area and the home of Illinois’s second-largest retail center.
  • So let’s look at some modern day facts.  First, schaumburg is a fairly large suburb with a current population over 70k people and covers about 9 square miles.
  • schaumburg is also one of the towns in an area known as the “Golden Corridor” – a “gold mine” where company headquarters, office parks, entertainment venues, and medical facilities are located.  There is no shortage of shopping and businesses which helps bring in extra tax revenue which allows the village to provide great services to the residents which include great schools, parks and police and fire departments.  This also helps keep the property tax low…even though Schaumburg is still in cook county.
  • Next, Schaumburg boasts 90 miles of bike paths.  Just about every subdivision has bike paths and if you go just outside schaumburg you can find even more scenic biking at Busse Woods and the Poplar creek trail system.  Both of these forest preserves have around 9 miles of paved bike paths.
  • Schaumburg is also home to the Schaumburg Boomers professional minor league baseball team.  The boomers stadium is suppose to be like a mini clone of Wrigley field and offers family a nice affordable night out.  The boomers also put on some nice firework shows during the year.
  • Just next to the boomers stadium is It is the Schaumburg Regional Airport, where the Schaumburg Flying Club is based. This not-for-profit group of aviation enthusiasts owns and operates two late-model Cessna 172 and 182 aircraft.  You can also find Pilot Petes on the property but unfortunately it is still closed at the time I”m shooting this video. but I did read it is opening soon.  Pilot Petes doesn’t just have good food..but the location allows you to watch planes take off and land providing nice entertainment for both young and old.
  • In 2018 The village of Schaumburg was ranked the Best Place to Live in Illinois by Money magazine.  Criteria for the list are strong economic and education performance and affordability as well as convenience, safety and a pleasant way of life.
  • The Schaumburg Township District Library is the second largest public library in Illinois. It serves Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Hanover Park, Roselle, and Elk Grove Village. Annual circulation of materials totals approximately two million items, while nearly one million people visit the library each year.
  • Lastly,The village contains one of only two IKEA stores in Illinois. It contains the Woodfield Mall, the 11th largest mall in The United States according to List of largest shopping malls in the United States, which at most times has over 300 stores. Schaumburg’s transition from a rural community to that of a suburban metropolis started with Alfred Campanelli’s first large scale suburban-style development in 1959 and Woodfield Mall’s opening on September 9, 1971.  The YMCA on wise road was named after Alfred Campanelli.

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Dan helps Dave with his Schaumburg Home!

Dave from Schaumburg talks about his experience with us.

Dave resides in Schaumburg Illinois and he wanted to move by family in Tennessee. Unfortunately he was a bit behind on his mortgage and his home needed some work. It’s a nice house but if we were to list it on MLS it would not sell for enough money. We came up with a solution so Dave could move and start a new life. Things were a bit tricky but I think the situation worked out ok for all!

– Dave
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